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Come all you wanderers, you headbangers, you forest bathers, you long-lost kin… come join us in the woods…

Welcome to Cascadian Midsummer, an annual summer solstice festival held in rural Washington. Like the gatherings that came before it, Litha Cascadia and Thirst for Light, Cascadian Midsummer takes place at Red Hawk Avalon. This private woodland haven in Pe Ell offers a majestic backdrop for three magical days of off-grid, on-site camping with music and community.


Expect crushing metal, ethereal folk, inspiring speakers, carefully curated vendors, and more! Cascadian Midsummer is run by the Red Hawk Festival Collective, a small volunteer collective with longstanding ties to this land and its solstice celebrations. All proceeds go to paying the artists and improving the land for future gatherings.

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