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The Workshops.


Beginners Friction Fire by Biko Wright

Workshop: Come and learn with me! We will go over the fundamentals of friction fire with bow and drill and I will show you some of the secrets to success, from choosing the right combination of materials to executing proper form to get you a coal. Gain confidence to take with you in the woods. I will also demonstrate ferro rod use and display some products you can carry with you to make fire come easy when you really need it most. If we have time I will answer questions about my experience on "Alone" and talk about the mental aspects of solo survival and how a strong mind is just as important as a skill set. 


Bio: Biko Wright learned much of his primal skills at a young age from his father, who was a former Marine and sheriff. Survival training and backpacking retreats were a regular occurrence in his upbringing. He spent many years fishing, hunting, and foraging with his father, brother, and friends, learning more along the path of life. He also has a background in music as a metal vocalist and Pagan folk singer. All of this led him to become a contestant on History Channel's hit survival series "Alone," where he survived 73 days surrounded by large predators on the shores of Chilko Lake, British Columbia.

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Tools for Litha by Meagan Angus

Workshop: In this hour workshop we will cover the basic themes of Litha in a short guided meditation and then create a tool to assist you in your Litha celebrations. More info here:


Bio: Meagan has been a practicing Witch for almost 40 years and has taught classes on the Pagan Sabbats since 2015. These classes are freely available on her Youtube channel thanks to the support of her Patrons. Meagan also hosts Spinning the Wheel weekly podcast which takes a look at the Wheel of the Year on a weekly basis. Her podcast has followers in 45 countries around the world.


Some of Meagan’s magickal background includes Paganism, Animism, Witchcraft, European Heathenry, Greco-Egyptian Hermeticism, and Enochian studies. Her teaching style is expansive, optimistic, and philosophical, but also practical and agency-oriented, and is grounded in personal awareness, empowerment, and community responsibility. Her worldview is wholistic, antiracist, focused on deconstructing whiteness in spiritual spaces, and dedicated to fighting the kyriarchy in all its forms. 

Meagan’s practice is informed by her lived experiences as a queer, fat, and chronically ill/disabled multi-ethnic white person (Scandinavian and Anishinaabe/Ojibwe Ancestors) who grew up in poverty raised by a mixed-race mom. She is a survivor of childhood SA, and a cancer survivor.


Explore Meagan's online offerings at and


Plant-Meeting: Whereupon We Become Acquainted with Red Hawk’s Botanic Residents by Erica Skadsen of Cascadian Botany

Workshop: We will take a stroll together to learn the identities of local flora.

This is envisioned as a facilitated botanical skillshare where everyone is encouraged to share their knowledge. We will use our senses to witness various features of plants and what clues these give towards their identification. Who lives here? How do we know that? Let’s introduce ourselves to what is growing here.


With two walks scheduled, each excursion offers the opportunity to explore different facets of the Red Hawk Avalon landscape. Attend either one, or both!

Bio: Erica (MSc Ethnobotany, BS Biology [Botany]) is a plant nerd and resident of the Native lands currently known as Portland, Oregon. She is a budding botanist and yard plant consultant focusing on local native and introduced species. Her research interests include native and potentially hazardous plants and how they are used in the Cascadian bioregion and Borneo, traditional body arts and adornment, food sovereignty, and plant identification. She practices low/no budget gardening, mutual aid, and is interested in food, health, and housing security and disparities. 


Erica wants to be a catalyst to help folks see and notice plants, to form and maintain a relationship with plants, to discover what they're telling us about the land and ourselves, and to learn how to care for them, ourselves, and each other.


Find out more about Erica's work at

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