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Red Hawk Festival Collective

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A summer solstice music experience.

Bringing together music, art, performances, speakers, workshops, and more, Cascadian Midsummer is a community celebration of the sacred summer solstice. We gather every year at the sun's apotheosis in the secluded forests of Cascadia to connect with each other and the land as we share in ancient—but living—traditions. All are welcome.


Join us for Cascadian Midsummer.

No Frith with Fascists

Cascadian Midsummer is more than just a music festival -- we are a long standing, diverse community of people. Everyone has the right to be at this festival and feel comfortable and safe. We do not tolerate hate speech, violence, or any form of bigotry. Be respectful of the diversity of others at the fest. If you choose to make people uncomfortable, you will be asked to leave.

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