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General Rules/Expectations.

This land is our home. Please respect this healing land, the fauna and flora, the denizens, and, of course, each other. Please hold yourself to the standard of who you would like the land, your neighbors, and yourself to encounter while there. 

Come as strangers, leave as friends.


We are located on private land in Washington state, about halfway between Portland, OR and Seattle, WA and 1/2 hour west of Chehalis, WA. Address will be provided closer to festival date.


There will be a limited number of tickets available to keep this event intimate and to protect the land that hosts the event. Purchasing your ticket during presale helps us secure the infrastructure we need to host this collective-operated festival. Children 16 years old and younger get in free. We will only be offering day passes closer to the event if the event does not sell out. Tickets can be refunded up to a month before the event. Tickets can be transferred through us up to a day before the event. 


All vendors must purchase a ticket for each person attending, along with a $75 vending fee per business. Please fill out a vending application, and upon approval we will reach out with next steps. 


Vendors need to supply their own 10x10 canopy or equivalent structure, tables, etc. Vendors can share a booth with other vendors. Please prepare for potential rain.

Discrimination Policy.

We openly welcome, honor, and embrace people of all backgrounds and do not tolerate discrimination based on gender identity, race/ethnicity, national origin, or sexual orientation. Anyone violating this policy will be escorted off the premises. Don’t be a dick.

Entering and Exiting the land.

Gate opens at 10AM and closes at 7PM each day. Please plan ahead to arrive during these hours!

Pets and Kids.

Please do not bring aggressive dogs. If you bring your dog, you are responsible for keeping track of its whereabouts, its behavior, and its bowel movements. It should generally remain in your line of sight. PLEASE DO NOT ALLOW YOUR DOG TO BARK AT PERFORMERS.

We love kids! There is no admission charge for children under 16 attending with their family. Please be aware that this festival is held in the forest, and to keep an eye on kids so they do not get lost. Please keep children from touching the costumes of the performers.


There is a $10 fee per vehicle. Parking is also very limited, so carpooling is *highly* encouraged. Only bands, vendors, and those sleeping in vehicles can park in the meadow. If camping, be prepared to transport your gear ¼ mile to the meadow. We recommend using a camping wagon!


Please be prepared for camping in Washington, where temperatures and weather events can vary significantly this time of year. The days can be hot and the nights cold. The clouds may come and cool the days, and the rain can be soft or strong. Be prepared for any weather conditions.


There is no potable drinking water available on-site. We’re on a gravity-fed spring system & must ration in summer. Please bring plenty of drinking water for your own needs. Enjoy the creek for bathing, recreation, and dishwashing. Please use only products that will be gentle with the earth.


We hope to encourage the potluck mentality throughout the weekend. That said, always be prepared to feed yourself.


There will be one communal fire pit. Ensure that there is a full water bucket and that the fire is contained within the pit stones. Only YOU can prevent forest or brush fires. Fires, including candles, are not allowed in ANY of the personal camping areas. Please bring a camp stove or cook in the communal fire pit if needed.


Please leave cigarette butts in the fire-pit – DO NOT THROW THEM ON THE GROUND (we have spent hours picking them up after the fest). Please also be respectful of those around you when you smoke, as cigarette smoke can be irritating for some folks. Do not smoke in the forest or near personal camping areas, and pocket the butts if you are not near the fire-pit.

Trash and Recycling.

There is no trash or recycling service available on-site. Whatever you leave behind we’ll have to haul out 30+ miles. We will have bins near the communal fire-pit area for the inevitable unmindful behavior, but please *DO* pack in and pack out.


Leave no trace.

Nearby Amenities.

The town of Pe Ell, population 657, is about a 5 min drive from the festival site. It boasts of an ATM/Bank, a gas station, a pub, a brewery, a mini-mart, and a diner. The closest hotel/motel is in Chehalis about ½ hour away.

Cell Phone Reception/Internet.

Cell phone service is typically unavailable on-site. You may have to drive into town or go up to the main highway for service. In the event of an *emergency*, there is a landline on-site that can be used.


The residents of the property have satellite internet, but do not bother asking for the password.

PLEASE BRING CASH. Electronic payments will not be possible.


Please restrict major bodily functions and/or TP use to privies. Feel free to water the plants.

There are no shower facilities on site, but you are welcome to wash off in the creek. Please use only products that will be gentle with the earth.

More questions?

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